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Welcome to 2 Motivate 4U, specialists in firearms licensing and firearms related solutions.

We offer comprehensive services regarding the acquisition, possession, storage and transfer of firearms. We are specialists in motivation for firearms licensing, and offer comprehensive firearms consultation and advice services.

As specialist in this field we help you to painlessly fulfil all your firearms queries, problems and requirements!

2 Motivate 4U CEO Alet de Vos, a former Captain in the South African Police Service, served as a Designated Firearms Officer in terms of the Firearms Control Act, 2000 (Act. 60 of 2000) from 2006 to August 2013. She has behind her a total of 23 years in the SAPS, most of it in the field of firearm licensing.

2 Motivate 4U staff members are all seasoned SAPS and firearms experts.

Motivational Articles

Whether you are looking at purchasing a new firearm, or whether you have multiple firearms, licencing a new firearm can be a daunting task. For years I actually put off getting a firearm purely based on stories I had heard from other people, some of them waiting years to have their applications approved (or declined) from the CFR (Central Firearms Registry). The other problem is there are a lot of sharks out there promising the world, give us your money and we guarantee that you will get yo...

The Importance of a Professional Firearm License M
Things have changed a lot over the last two decades with regard to firearm ownership and firearm licensing and the process as a whole. Not only has the law changed on firearm owners but new laws are at this time being tabled as well as a flurry of court cases contesting the validity thereof and the constitutional impact on our rights as South African citizens. As much as we would like to be in the same boat as the Americans with their Second Amendment law, we are not. If you look i...
African Hunter Draft Letter: 2Motivate4U
Nick Neocleous of African Hunter & Outfitters (PTY) LTD writes: To obtain a firearms license in South Africa can be like rocket science. Whether you want to purchase a new firearm, already have several firearms or want to transfer a firearm from father to son, licencing a firearm can be a nightmare. The Firearms Act, the SAPS waiting list, the forms to complete, the motivation all contribute to make it a daunting task. We highly recommend the services of 2motivate4u. They quickly ident...

We even advise clients on and facilitate firearms training to ensure a competency certificate for a firearms license. 

Many people find the entire firearm licensing process, overcoming a labyrinth of legal requirements, stipulations, prescriptions and safety measures embedded in firearms legislation very intimidating and overwhelming.

We invite you to come to 2 Motivate 4U, experts in the total firearms environment.

We have the expertise, and experience to:
   •  answer all your questions
   •  address all you problems
   •  assist you to comply with all requirements and 
   •  achieve your firearms registration or related firearms results you seek.